LA Woman

“Well I just got into town about an hour ago, took a look around to see which way the wind blows.” The Doors were always my favorite band. That’s pretty sick since they weren’t even in my lifetime, the music is so creative. Music has such a strong association with our lives and a song can take you right back to a time or moment passed and I think I can be like Morrison, without the drugs, my drug is getting high on working on and accomplishing goals I set for myself.


I am in LA for awhile to take a look around and there are business meetings that will take up some of my time. After the meetings I plan on popping down to have a look at the poker action and I might jump into some of the games if the action looks right. Then Australia is waiting and I will be on my way there soon. I do miss my family and want to get back as soon as I can.

Most of my day is spent writing emails, chatting on Skype, and for a fix I jump into an online poker site to see what limit-who’s playing and if I like the game. I’ve been on a nice run and I want to end 2009 in front so I have pulled the plug on any playing from here, except the Sunday Bike Ride on TonyG Poker so if you want to play with me, that is the only place you can catch me, bike me, and pick up a $300 bounty if you can send me out looking for a ride home. But I plan on winning the event this Sunday so don’t start making your holiday plans around the TonyG knockout bounty.

My deal for a deal with the online poker sites has slowed down but it might be that I don’t want to sign without the deal being right. I am happy to have no deal as well, that way I am free to be able to play and represent poker as I want to. But if I do sign with somebody, as an ambassador of that site, I want it to work for all sides and I want to be a great asset to the site. And, if I do sign, it will not change PokerNews. PokerNews will remain an independent poker news site.

Tony G

I am going to keep working on getting more fit and healthier so that I have more energy and I’m searching for a good, big live cash game. There is a spot I found in London thatlooks really good but it’s a NL game that is a bit slow and boring to me but it’s in my plans for next year. A Swedish newspaper wrote about me this week on how I tilted Isildur1 and then took money off of him. Well, I played 20 hands with him that day and was a 9% shot to win the hand but what can I do if I am lucky? That pot was over 100K and I’m very happy that I was the one stacking the chips at the end.

As for Sweden, I might team up with and do a live video show once a week. It’s Rikard’s idea so we will explore it and if not, I may do it via my blog. It might be a lot of fun, let’s see.

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