Las Vegas, and The Bad Boys

I just got into Las Vegas from my little vacation in Los Angeles, in Santa Monica, which was fantastic. I went out, and played basketball, and got some exercise – I’m trying to get more fit for the upcoming WSOP run, which will be long and hard.

I’m in town, I checked into the Rio. I think its going to be better to stay on location, and be able to play.

Tonight the 25th of June, the WPT Bad Boys of Poker airs, and it was the experience of a lifetime for me to play in it. I hope everyone catches it, its on at 9pm EST on the Travel Channel. You’ll see me play with Phil Hellmuth, Men the Master, Gus Hansen, Mike Matusow, its just a great event.

I certainly played well, and I am excited to watch myself tonight. Let me know what you think of it, if you get a chance to see it. I’m sure it will run a lot of times, and hopefully be one of the more entertaining episodes to come out. Much like the WPT Paris with Surinder, which was very entertaining.

Anyway, that’s my job today – to watch myself. Also, keep watching the Intercontinental Cup, that airs on CBS weekend days at 1:30.

Also, a little teaser….we will be having a poker site on this blog very soon. Everyone can come play with me for real money at Tony G Poker. Take Care, and play well. See you soon.

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