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I am in Australia right now taking it easy. I have played a lot on Full Tilt Poker under my nick: Tony G

The games are very, very tough and great for sharpening ones game. I recommend the big games to everyone that wants to improve their game. I enjoy the $200-$400 Pot Limit Omaha most, followed by $1000-$2000 Omaha Hi Low limit. In total I have put in about 40 hours of play and I have won close to $100,000 but I was up about 200k at the most. It’s not enough play to say that I can do well and I don’t really care as I am playing there to improve my game.

If you are in the UK Don’t miss out on me ripping Phil Hellmuth apart. This is the Press release from PartyPoker today:


Gibraltar – May 29, 2007 — is pleased to announce that ‘ Poker Den: The Big Game’ has started its run on Five in the UK on Wednesday nights, running for eight weeks. The series was filmed earlier this year by Matchroom Sport at the Poker Den in East London and was the UK’s first televised 24 hour continuous cash game.

Amongst those taking part were top pros Phil Hellmuth, Dave “The Devilfish” Ulliott, Tony G, Liz Lieu, Juha Helppi, Kenna James and Roland De Wolfe. Each player had to buy-in for a minimum of $5000, with blinds starting at $25/$50 and all players were free to leave the table at any time they wanted. The minimum buy-in rose to $10,000 at later levels.

A spokesman said: “The filming took place 24 hours after the conclusion of Premier League Poker and, suffice to say, some of the stars were still on tilt from that tournament. There is plenty of banter as you would you would expect from having such characters around the table but the game wasn’t without its problems.”

These ‘problems’ were handling the egos and demands of the players involved. Late into the night, over five hours into the game, Tony G turned up and wanted to play immediately. However, at that point none of the eight seats were open so he tried to storm the studio and throw out those who were already on the table. When one eventually gave their seat up to him he called for “the Russian,” Kirill Gerasimov and didn’t give it up until “the rookie from red square,” was on the table. Tension boiled over for some time as the regular Poker Den players became resentful of the superstars. His behaviour resulted in the walkout of several British players and bridges have had to be rebuilt since.

The real story of the cash game centered around one man, however, Phil Hellmuth. The Poker Brat spent most of his time with his head in his hands after taking a mauling in what he called one of the “spookiest” games he had ever played in. “I don’t remember a time when I spent twelve hours at the table without winning a significant pot,” said Phil, who walked out of the game straight into a cab to Heathrow Airport. Throughout, fellow players, led by the Devilfish and Tony G, were teasing the Madison Kid about his cash game ‘prowess.’

Commentator Padraig Parkinson said Hellmuth’s performance was “half murder, half suicide” and if you examine the Poker Brat’s body language it is evident that he is suffering.

The spokesman continued: “A 24 hour continuous cash game sapped the energy from a lot of the players. You see them laid bare and go on tilt so much that sometimes watching can be uncomfortable. Jesse May led the commentary for all 24 hours armed with strong coffee and red bull. We were surprised that the voice of poker had a voice by the end of it!”

I will be arriving in Vegas within the next week and can’t wait to catch up with all of you that I know want to meet. I am easy to approach so feel free to greet me if you have something you want to talk about while I am there. Don’t let my game voice and appearance on TV bluff you – come up and say hi.

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