Leaving Lithuania for the PPL Draft

I have been resting in Lithuania without much poker apart from playing some of the bounty tournaments on TonyGPoker. It’s been fun to just relax.

I am on the way to Las Vegas for the PPL draft. This is a brand new start up that promises a lot to all poker players and I support this venture 100%. I hope the PPL works out because this gives players that have skill, a legitimate chance to make money with out having to buy-in – basically the same as the PGA or NBA with the draft, etc. Up for grabs in Season 1 is 17 Million to the 64 players in the original draft. It will be fun to see how early/late they choose me and which team I’m on. I don’t know any of the details yet. It’s been all hush-hush, which I respect, but since Daniel Negreanu wrote about this, I am going to as well. All I can say is that I will support this league 100%, it’s great for poker.

The sad news was the law that passed in the USA concerning online gaming. But what can you do? You must work with the decisions of politicians that are elected to office. While I will support any effort that could be made to make sure that poker is considered a game of skill – and that way would not come under the law because the law states very precisely that this is about the game of chance – the act is pretty sick unless poker is excluded from the same standards as other forms of online gaming. In that case we will have a massive boom in this area. We need more time to work out what will happen. It appears that PartyPoker will block USA players – but don’t panic yet. They may change their minds. The other sites appear to not be doing anything. So not much may change unless Big Brother comes knocking on your door.

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