I am back in Lithuania and relaxing, the WSOP was gruelling but I got through it ok and had fun. Right now I am working on making the tonygpoker client better. Its going pretty good though so far and I am very happy with how it has gone so far if it keep ups the site will grow to be something pretty big, my aim is to deliver move value to all poker players and I will work hard to do that.

I welcome and suggestions in regards to the web site and would like to thank everyone for playing on the site there has been many more players that have played then I thought I know many things need to be improved and will make sure that its done.

I am going to go to Nida a small island in Lithuania that is in between a lake and the Baltic Sea its a place I used to come in my childhood to spend with my parents and never forget it really is amazing the nature there is like nothing else in the world. In September I am back to London to play the World Poker Open as well as a few other TV invites so Sept will be pretty busy in the mean time I will play a few hands on my site so catch you all there.

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