I am in Lithuania right now having a good time with work.  Most of you probably think of work as a task or something that you have to do to make your poker buy-in and pay the rent, but I enjoy work, especially if it is all about poker and the internet.  It’s challenging and fun because it’s more like solving puzzles and fitting the pieces together to accomplish what I want.  Along with work, I’m also enjoying family and friends and the feeling of home since I travel so much.

I will be going to France soon and play poker as well this month.  There is a heads-up event I want to play in.  I wasn’t good enough to get an invite to the NBC Heads-up so I hope to win this event to prove them wrong for not wanting me at the Heads-up competition.  I want to teach other players to get ready for the Bike Ride and what better way than in a heads-up match?

Over the next few months I will be really focusing on my business and see just how far I can go with it.  I won’t be playing much live and will reserve most of my playing time for PartyPoker.  I hope to see you at the tables.

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