London Update

I am in London playing several events that will include the $100,000 buy-in high stakes poker game. And in a few days, my dear friend Howard Lederer and most of the FullTilt gang will be present also.

I made the final of the World Poker Open again this year – last year I was 4th – this time I finished in 6th. I lost all my chips with K-K vs 10-10 but most of the money went in on a flop of 10-J-3 and a lady by the name of Pipa who beat me in that hand, won it all. After this event I had lots of work to do and made a TV show for Channel 5UK. It’s about playing tournament poker. Noah Boeken did the show with me and I am sure it will be a good series that will air all around, in a few weeks.

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