Los Angeles

I’m in the USA, just arrived today from London after my trip to Paris and London playing all these tournaments. I arrived for a week of rest before the World Series begins and this year I plan to be very serious for the World Series. I just plan to stay in Santa Monica, run around the beach for a week and relax a bit.

I’ll be playing online, just keeping my skills as sharp as I can, I’ve got a few tournaments coming up online, and cash games. Mainly I’m playing on Mansion Poker, it’s the best site for me right now and I made the final of that show so that’s coming up on July 2nd at 11pm on FSN. The WPT Bad Boys is this Sunday, June 25th at 9pm eastern on the Travel Channel. Don’t miss that one. The CBS show, the Intercontinental Poker Championship is on this Saturday June 24th, at 2pm. so I’ll be on TV quite a bit. I’ll be watching myself, I hope I don’t come out too bad on TV.

The weather in LA is perfect, it’s not too hot – London’s been really hot like over 90 or something, it’s crazy, very humid. So it’s a relief to be here in LA and enjoy the mild weather but I need to get fit for the World Series and that’s my task right now. I’ve got a week to get fit and play really well and get some good results. I need to get a couple of bracelets to come out even for this trip. That’s how I feel – so I really want to do well and I’m really focused on it and I’m just here to relax for a little while – see you all in Vegas.

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