Losing $80K in one hour

How can I lose $80K in one hour? Playing $200-400 PLO heads-up at FullTilt should explain the obvious. Then add David Benyamin to the mix and I had my hands full. Heads-up poker is completely different than multi-player action. And when it’s for high limit, it gets really wild, very fast.

At times the deck can run over one player and leave the other out on the street looking for their bike. I wanted to send David out looking for his bike but it didn’t work out that way. It’s hard to even look back, at times, and know if you’re playing very bad or very good, when you’re playing heads-up. The best part of the whole thing, for me, is that I know that I will play again. And each time I play, I don’t look back on the last time I played, I move ahead to the next game. There will be more videos.

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