Mansion Poker

I had to come back to London, because I am playing in a big tournament tomorrow, and I decided to play on Mansion Poker because I have been invited to their Superstar tournament on Saturday at 4pm. There are 10 players at this tournament, and the top 2 go through to play for $1,000,000 on July 3rd. Daniel Negreanu is in there, Marcel Luske, John Gale, Harry Demetriou, some big names. So, if anyone wants to watch me I’ll be playing on Mansion Poker at 4pm GMT on Saturday.

So, I decided to play a Mansion Poker standard satellite for their Poker Dome series. Mansion Poker must be the best value out there right now. I don’t have much time these days, especially four hours, but I had to put four hours in today. It’s a one cent buyin (!), and the winner gets flown to Las Vegas, and plays on TV. If you win four rounds of matches, you win a million dollars.

I think I’m the first name player in there. It’s a good story, and I’m really excited. It was 350 players I had to outlast. And, I just seemed to cruise the whole tournament. I’ve never had a tournament like that. I was just never at risk, and it seemed like I cruised the whole time.

I got to heads up, and I was in front. Then I took a bad beat, when the guy flopped four sixes, and I had Aces full. I couldn’t get away from the hand on the river. I was down 60,000 chips to 350,000 for my opponent. My opponent was a good player, but he gave me a lot of chips when I raised, and re-raised in certain situations.

So, after losing with Aces Full to quad sixes, I was crippled, but I didn’t panic, and I grinded my way back.

On the last hand, I had A 4, and he had J 10, and the flop was A 8 9, I had a big chip lead, and the money went in. The turn, and river both came Kings, and my Aces, and Kings held up for the win. This win certainly gives me some confidence, and washes out any bad taste left by the WPT Paris.

So, I am going to be on TV a lot in the US over a two week stretch. This Saturday, I’ll be in the Intercontinental Poker Championships on CBS, then again on the 24th. Then, on June 25th, I’ll be on the WPT with my Bad Boys II win. On July 2, I guess I’ll be on the Mansion Poker Dome Challenge on FSN. And, if I can win this ‘Superstar Challenge’ tournament on Mansion on Saturday, I think I’ll be back on TV the next day, July 3rd. Wow. See you all soon.

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