Monaco EPT March 14th

I got in from Nice today, it was a really nice drive Nice-Monaco. I loved it. Every house was nice and it was France at its best.

I’m staying at the Hermitage Hotel. I walk into the lobby, and immediately run into Erik123(Sweden). I started playing online poker with Erik when it all started. We played way back in 2000 on Paradise Poker. He was always better than me online, and I moved to the soft cash games in Europe.

Erik has won more money online then several nasdaq companies are worth. He is the most fanatical of players, everything he does he does well and he does not go on tilt. I once made a play on him in a NL Holdem tournament in Vienna. I had no hand and called him on the flop just to bluff on the turn. He figured it out right away, and it cost me.

Anyhow, I know all the big guns are rolling in and this going to be huge here. It must be a dream for anyone to make it here. I know that 5 years ago I would have viewed this as a milestone tournament for me…now its just another tournament I have to play. The good thing is that its free for me as Noble Poker are footing the bill this time for the entry and the expenses. Also if you join via Pokernews then you can come and play with me in the $5,000 Freeroll on March 27th… check the site for all the details.

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