Monte Carlo Millions day 2

Day 2 is over and I had one of my best poker days of my life. It is agreat feeling to play decent and most important get lucky at the mostimportant part of the tournament.The key hand was when I picked up 9-7 of diamonds in a very big 3 waypot. This is a hand just before I knocked out Mike (The Mouth), so Iam running good and pick up this 9-7 suited and raise a little I getreraised by Jani last years winner of this event and one guy fromSweeded call the big raise, now I have to call another 25k since thereis 75k already in there. I call the flop comes 2-6-7 with one diamondI know I am no good but I feel that I have outs here and can make aplay at this so Jani the raiser pre flop checks and the Sweedish guywho is a very good player bets 50k into a 100k pot he holds K-K I veryquickly push it all inn. Jani drops his A-Q and now the Sweedish guyoriginally from Turkey starts to consider what to do? He is a verygood player and makes the correct play & calls. There is 500k in thepot now and this is huge, a blank hits on the turn and then the magic9 on the river. I did scream and talk a lot I just lose control atsome points. I just love this game so much and when I win I do losecontrol.

After this key hand that i had to get through I was cruising I did geta very good player to lay down AA on a flop of 2-8-J I did have J-Jhe made a great lay down. With 12 left I have a small chip lead overPhil Ivey and we have the same table on day 3. I hope to enjoy myselfduring day 3 and play some good poker, luck will be a crucial part onthis day and I will make sure that I take a shot at my luck.

Official Seating & Chip Counts before the start of day 3
Table 1

1 Haralabos Voulgaris

2 Chris Ferguson 186,000

3 Richard Herbert 408,000

4 Tony G 1,066,000

5 Erik Sagstrom 399,000

6 Phil Ivey 1,062,000

Table 2

1 Kenna James 318,000

2 Paul Jackson 270,000

3 Bengt Sonnert 320,000

4 Sargon Ruya 274,000

5 Jean-Jacques Ghebali 466,000

6 Marc Goodwin 631,000

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