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My announcment yesterday brought comments that need to be resolved. Concerns for the good of internet poker are important, but the facts are important also, and I want to clear up a few things.

I know that Torben Hubertz is behind T6 Poker. When I search, I get the name of the owner of the site so your information is not correct, you can find the same information I did and it’s public record:

I have seen this claim before but this is untrue, the owner of T6 Poker is not hidden. There is an attack on this person by some people in the poker industry. It’s pretty normal and you can find people bashing and poker site shredding in every forum on the internet. I have not had one person say that he or she was scammed by T6 Poker.

I am not involved in T6 Poker – other than being part of the Pro Team. I don’t own any part of the site. When I signed a deal with them it was a professional deal to play for the site for 1 year and I will evaluate everything with time.

From my point of view, I want new sites in the poker market and T6 Poker is currently the biggest spender there is so they are spending money; they really want T6 Poker to be a real site and not any kind of scam.

T6 Poker just redesigned their software and launched the new poker program on January 1st. The comment about their security and safety for players should be addressed by going to this link and reading about the actual security involved.

I am not a scammer. I believe in new enterprise and the poker market. I will be playing at T6 Poker. I want you to join me there. My bike’s parked outside, if you need a ride, just let me know.

P.S. The linked comment in the previous post goes to is an ad based site, collecting revenue, and the opinions stated there may not be completely unbiased. The main user/creator of is PhillipR. The following is his statement of introduction about
“Hi. I’m part of a team of a few volunteers from 2+2 who are driving this project because we think this has the potential to be a really great resource. That doesn’t mean this is a dictatorship, or even an oligarchy. Consensus and cooperation are essential to Wiki culture and this community should be no different.”

The statement has merit, but as with all things you read, arm yourself with actual knowledge and keep an open mind.

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