My latest Blog Post – via video

OK, so my blog updates now are starting to be live when I play. They are going to be on TV so here I am on TV.

I’ll be updating you guys every day from the WSOP – just inside the room there is where all of the play’s going down. I’m actually in the tournament right now, $1,500 PLO with re-buys. I’m playing in the tournament right now. I’m getting blinded out, unfortunately.

I’m also in the heads-up, in round four, after having a ding dong battle with Sam Farha, in the first up match. There was nothing in it – up and down up and down. Sam had me 3 to 1 chip lead, he had the lead. I had to pedal back double hard. Eventually I got him in a trap with A-Q on a flop of A-7-9. The turn was a 4. Sam had a 9-8 so he had some outs but I trapped him and we managed to get all the money in. And BANG! The river was a nice little blank. Sam Farha on his bike, back to the Bellagio.

Next up David Williams. He’s a good friend and straight away he’s telling me I’m his captain – that’s always been ascertained, it’s pretty clear. So Dave Williams we had a few hands, a few big bluffs and I had to put a few chips in the middle. But because I’m so relaxed I don’t care, I’m just moving that stack in…so heads up, I’m really dangerous. And David Williams was pretty easy. The last hand I needed a bit of luck because I had K-9C against A-K for David and all-in before the flop. But he was low stacked already and I made the final action so he had to call me and he had to have the hand. So I don’t mind that play that much and I got lucky, the board came 4-5-6-7-8. He made a straight. I had the K-9 and the 9 made me a higher straight. David Williams, on his bike, he’s back to his apartment.

Next up – I don’t know. I haven’t checked who I’ll be playing next so I’m going to go in at 2 o’clock where I’ll be playing the Omaha. I’ll be playing the heads-up, when I have a break at 2, I’ll try to make it quick and be through around 5.

I was going to try to play all three tournaments because there’s the Stud that I was in; the heads-up that I was in, and the Omaha that I’m going into. So I could have been alive in three tournaments. Unfortunately late last night I busted out of the Stud.

Absolutely hate it! Hate the structure, it’s such a joke, the whole thing with the limit structures for some of these tournaments, they just can’t fix it. It’s too hard I guess. But anyway we plug away and we try to enjoy it so today is a big day, heads up, I’ve got to win three matches more to feel happy and comfortable that I’ve achieved something in this World Series. It’s not hard to do now. I want to go out and enjoy myself and play well.

Pot Limit Omaha, I can’t miss it, I love it. I love the game. I’m very good at it. It was a bit of bad luck in this event last year when I lost with top set on the flop so I want to do well, I want to be in it, so I think my stack’ll be alive for today and I’ll do well in the heads-up.

Tony G.’s checking out and good luck to everyone.

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