My Sixth Cash

I must be one of the leaders with six cashes at the WSOP. I have been very consistent all the way through, but I have been struggling with the last 10% of the field.

Today, I beat Matusow for a last longer, I got $2,100 to his $2,000 because he had a few more chips than I did. But, I ripped him apart again today, this is like the fourth time in a row I have outclassed him at the table – the last time being the bad boys.

Our key hand was 10 10 for me, and AK for him. I made a raise, and he re-raised – I moved all in. The flop was 10 6 8, and he was pretty much drawing dead on the flop. Mike is a good guy, I really like him. He has a good heart, and he is a great player. I would say he is a friend, and is becoming really good in his life, which is nice to see considering where he was a while back. He is turning into a good example for everyone. But, when he comes up against me at the poker table, I want to crush him. I did again today – I won most of the pots I played against him.

I’m at 62,800, well above average. There are about 60 players left. Phil Hellmuth is still around. I really want to get onto his table, and crush him. I love to play against him – I want to take everything he has.

But, its been a wild day for me, considering I was down to 450 chips, and by far the short stack in the tournament. To fight back from that to having the 16th biggest stack just feels great. This is one of the best poker days I have had in my life. I am really pleased, considering how bad it was early. Just shows you, you can come back from now where, and have a stack.

I don’t like rebuys, it’s a bit disgusting. I’m in for $13,000, but with winning the last longers, some of my costs have come back to me. See you tomorrow.

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