NBC Heads Up – I’m out

OK, I’m out of the NBC Heads Up. I faced Mike Caro. He got an unbelievable run of cards – he seemed to get every single hand early on. I managed not to go broke for a long while. We got to 600/1,200 blinds, which is very steep, I managed to make it all the way back to 15,000 from a short of 5,000 without ever being all in. I picked up AK, and made a bit of a move by calling on the button. Mike looked down, and found two eights, and moved all in. Obviously, I couldn’t fold AK in that situation. So, I went in with it, and an 8 popped out on the flop. I was drawing dead on the flop, and that was that.

Mike had an unbelievable run of cards. It was really hard. He seemed to have pairs, and big hands nearly all day. He deserved to win – he beat me. He is the Mad Genius….he made some interesting plays. He checked a Straight Flush on the river. I have no words for that. With an Ace, and four hearts on the board, and you have the pure nuts, I don’t know how you check there, but he did. He obviously made a mistake. He was a very nice man, and it was a pleasure to play with him.

I look forward to my next tournament. I have a lot of things to take care of now. I will be back in Las Vegas in April, and there will be a lot of tournaments coming up for me in April & May. See you all soon.

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