November 30th

Well 1st event never had 700 players in fact onl 318 lined up for the $2000 no limit holdem event.

I started really well with several weak players around me I was getting chips early and after 4 hrs had 10,000 in chips stated with 4,000.

Then this hand come up everyone folds and I am on small blind my hand 10 9I call my opponent has 4 5 he checks flop is 678 I double up on this hand and have 20,000 average at this stage is 7000.

I do nothing for 2 hours have around same stack and get moved to same table as T.J Cloutier he is on my left, I pick up 88 on my first hand on the big blind 4 small raise early(Magic raises) and 3 callers before I call. And am excited to see a 833 on the board giving me a full. I check everyone checks turn comes A I bet 2.5k hoping to get raised about 7k in pot, I get one caller river comes another A I feel sick and check he bets a little I have to call to see AQ lost about 8k in hits pot.

A bit later I pick up AQ and go all inn vs J9 9 comes on the flop an I am out 40th. I did win a nice pot from T.J though before that.

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