NPL Final and Cash Game

The final of the NPL started four hours late. That was a bummer because I got pretty tired. The studio was also very hot.

I started well and was the table captain, easily sending a few players on there bikes down the tight London alley ways. We were left three handed with Dave “El Blondie” Colclough out 4th when his top two ran into bottom set. The key hand came up when I raised with K-J in the small blind, against the big blind, on a flop of 6-6-K. I had serious issues and could not lay the hand down.

I was crippled here and had no shot to go further then 3rd. This really does hurt because I had it won and really wanted to win it.

Today I jumped in the PartyPoker version of High Stakes Poker and the very first hand I managed to get all-in 25k with 10-10 vs. Q-Q but the 10 was delivered by God himself and a soft double up was sweet after the NPL event. This was the first session so not much action during the three hour play period, I will get back into the cash game first thing tomorrow where Juha Helpi and Patrik Antonius, as well as the Devil Fish, will make a stand. I expect lots of fireworks in the cash game as it drags on and there are some nasty losses had by the Scandia Vikings.

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