NPL & High Stakes Poker

I am in London again for the NPL (National Poker League). This is a great, easy way to get on TV. The fields are small but all the events are filmed. If you live in the UK, or even Europe, come and play with me in the NPL. The event is held at the Loose cannon club. The NPL events will run from the 12th to 18th Of August.

The NPL is a new start up with a lot of ideas and their TV production team has a crew bigger than the WPT on hand. It will be interesting to see how good the quality is.

Today was the first event – 500 Sterling buy-in. It was easy work for me as I cruised to the final table and am the chip leader. Come down to watch and I will buy everyone a beer or two. I should win this easily. Dave “El Blondie” Colclough is the only threat at the moment.

On Tuesday I play the high stakes poker Scandia version. The buy in is 50k with Patrik Antonius, Martin “the knife” de Knijff, Juha Helpi, and many others joining me for some big action. This production is by Swedish TV and all crew are Swedish, but it’s all produced in London. This will be fun.

I am the only strictly non Scandia in the event but Australia or Lithuania is close enough and I guess they need my mouth there to liven things up, I am ready for the challenge.

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