On Your Bike (Time to go)

First of all I’ve got my gear here, a bit of that and something nice on the back, so we’re all feeling good; the main event has started, day two.

I got up to 35,000 early on; unfortunately I picked up kings on the button and I had some problems with those kings. On a board of off suited cards, the young Vietnamese guy made a straight and that got me some problems. I lost about 10, 000, but I’m on 24, 000, feeling good, and the first table was unbelievable. The second table a few fish but this is not a complete fish market. There are a lot of great players around and it’s a lot of fun playing and I am enjoying the main event.

The levels are so long about two hours, you have to be patient and take it easy, it’s difficult to enjoy, it’s a bit too long, it seems a long, long time for the levels to end. No one’s stressed and tense and I’m hanging in there at the moment. If I can get through another few levels when the ante comes in and the structure goes higher, that’s where my skill level will come into the game. At the moment it’s a very tight game, 10 handed, with no antes, very tight. Long levels, they can all wait, they don’t have to play any hands so that’s the problem. It’s not easy to outplay people at the moment, they can play very tight – they always have a better hand against you. So I am just sitting back, waiting for good opportunities. That’s the key today. Well hopefully I’ll still be alive and I’ll update you again.

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