Paris WPT

I had a very tough day today. I just couldn’t get things going overall. I had bad hands all day. I had to lay down many good hands like pocket jacks with a lot of action pre-flop. Not too many opportunities today.

The main thing is I am still alive, and I have a chance to make my third final table in this great WPT event, so I will do my best tomorrow.

I played a big pot towards the end of the day. I had KQ all in versus KJ with a King on the flop. Unfortunately, the Jack popped out on the river, which really cost me. I would have been a big stack, even though I got no hands all day. Somehow, I got chips all day, and I was above average before that hand, but it crippled me to 7,000.

I picked up Ace King on the last hand, and went all in, but didn’t get called. I haven’t been in all day. Just a tough day. We started with 15,000 chips, and I ended up on 10,100. Which is still pretty good. The average is about 25,000, so if I pick up a few pots early, I can be right back in it.

Tomorrow is the big day here. The weather is really hot. Its about 36 Celsius here, or about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no air conditioning, and everyone is complaining. We finished at 2am. This is a difficult job sometimes. But, I just cruise through it, and enjoy it.

There is a lot of play left, and I am eager to start tomorrow. I am in really good form, and playing really well. I am laying down some big hands before the flop.

The big laydown today was pocket jacks. That was hard to lay down, but I managed to let it go, and the guy showed me aces. Those kind of things put you in a good mood. There are still a lot of hands to be played, and I am positive that things will turn out good for me.

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