Party Poker Millions London – $14,000 Buy in

I played my heat today and was in great form and won it. I had so much fun today and things went very well all day. The whole show lasted 4 hours and was filmed I think it will be available soon in the US as well and it will be shown on 16th of April in Europe.

Ben Roberts was in my heat today, and I took care of him. (In fact, I knocked out every player in our heat today.) These tables were six handed, like the WPT. My next match is the semi- finals on Saturday, followed by the final Sunday. The key hand of the day was one between myself and Ben Roberts. I limped in on the button with 77. Ben picks up AQ and raises. I go all in, and he calls. I had 2-1 chip lead on him before this hand. Ben got no help, and he was out. I respect Ben’s game a lot and was glad to see him go early on. It was pretty much a cruise from then on. On the last hand heads up I get raised by K-10 and look down, and find K-Q. I go all in, and he calls for all his chips. I guess I need to get used to those kinds of calls. The way I play everyone has got to call me. The river was a 10, but also made me a straight, and it was all over.

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