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The poem that Pauly used as a beginning for his post on Phil Hellmuth and me, the G, is a classic but what goes on between Hellmuth and me is beyond classic.  If you want to read more about the poem and find a varying definition of what it means, read here and here.

If you want to find out how I feel about Hellmuth keep reading.  I love to taunt him.  Who wouldn’t?  He invites it and everyone knows that he is going to try to be the star of every show no matter how he has to do it, even if it’s showing up as Caesar at the World Series of Poker.  The thing that stands out most about Hellmuth, to everyone, are his quick retorts and cutting remarks when he gets beat.  Why would he expect to win every hand he plays?  And why is his behavior tolerated by anyone, including tournament directors, when he behaves the way he does?  For that reason, I taunt him and try to get him to go over the edge because that’s where I want him, over the edge when I play against him and I’m going to try to bust him hard when I play against him.  My letter to Hellmuth has been dissected and explained by more than one, I do not feel the need to explain.  I do feel that when a player of his caliber leaves a tournament table and curls up on the floor in fetal position in front of the audience and the cameras that something is wrong.  He is either mentally off balance or he’s putting on the ultimate show to get attention which is one of his tricks.

Pauly’s post is funny, you will enjoy it.  I don’t need biting lessons and yes I am blessed by the Gods with Super Human Strength and a great bike for a fast get away if I need it.  I am a trash talker and it’s part of my game.  I had a fantastic time trash talking the Russian, you will notice in the video that he kept smiling at the end but did not reply.  Anyone that knows Ralph Perry knows those smiles. Or maybe the smile was complete shock because he played as bad as he did. Yosh Nakano and Sam Farha thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.

Anyone that knows me knows that I would not try to force my poker ideas on other cultures or people. I would try to trash talk them under the table if the opportunity arises.  I enjoy it!  I play poker for fun, I have a poker related business that keeps my time very well covered and poker plays its role as entertainment for me, that entertainment includes writing letters to Phil Hellmuth and trash talking the Ralph Perrys of the world.  If you meet me at a table and want to trash talk me, I say “Bring it on Baby!”

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