PKR Heads-up Grand Slam

I just played my PKR Heads-Up heat Round 1 with Jennifer Tilly. Things went very well. I did not lose a pot at show down during the entire heat and it was all over in 45 minutes. Tomorrow I play Sandra Naujoks in Round 2 and I’m looking forward to it. As soon as I am done with the PKR Heads-up Event, I am off to Marrakech Africa to play the WPT Event.

Pictures of Jennifer and I playing heads-up.  She is a beautiful lady!

I’ve heard the Marrakech games are really great cash games and high limit.   I haven’t decided yet how high I would play but  it’s  pot limit. I’m looking forward to being there and checking the games out but first things first, I want to win the PKR Heads-up.

Check ChipMeUp for an opportunity to cash when I do.  All my shares for the Heads-up Event are sold but I am always putting up shares so stop by and take a piece of me.  Also stop by the Sunday Bike Ride at TonyG Poker and try to take a piece of me there, knock me out and it’s worth a bounty.  The bounty is $250 and the tournament is a freeroll, you can’t lose in that deal.

I’ll try to be back with a winning report shortly.

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