PKR Heads-Up, Heat 2

I played Sandra Naujoks in the second heat and had another easy win.  I am not in the money yet.  I have played no-mistake poker so far and feel really good about my play and being here. I think I am the best player left in the field now and don’t see how I will not take this down.  I play Alec Torelli in my third heat in a few hours.
When I leave here on Sunday it will be to Marrakech for the WPT event.  I’ve already set my shares to be sold on ChipMeUp for the Marrakech event.  If you want to get into the action but can’t be there, ChipMeUp is your opportunity.  It also gives someone that has limited funds an opportunity to play by selling part of their action.  Stop in and look around, there are some strong horses selling shares there.

The flight to Marrakech will be a lot smoother if I take the PKR Heads-up win with me.  More news coming.

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