Playing a little $1 & 2K in Australia

Amanda Leatherman with Tony G. playing a big cash game.

Tony says he’s, “playing a little $1,000-$2,000 cash game at the moment.” He explains to Amanda that it’s not very big game for him compared to some of the limits he’s played in as of late. He’s having a bit of a good run, he’s up about $150K today and that’s not bad for a $1-2 game.

Amanda tells Tony it will get his buy-in back for the $100,000 buy in game that he’s no longer in. Tony agrees and points out jeff Lisandro on his right, and mentions that Eli Elezra just won a monster pot.

Tony was 22nd out of 25 in the $100,000 buy-in game. Edog fixed him up. Tony picked up Queens and didn’t have a lot of chips, he mentions that people think $100,000 is a lot, but it isn’t, if you ‘don’t pick up a hand and double up straight away…” and he talks about playing with a clock, you have 30 seconds to make a decision – which Tony likes – and the game is pot limit before the flop, “…so people can’t squeeze you out…”

Tony would like to see more $100,000 events and feels there are a lot of people that are ready to play them.

When Tony picked up Queens, Lindgren had Aces, Aces held up.

There are three people left in the $100,000 game. Tony would like to see Howard win it. “…Howard’s been an old warrior in the game for many years and seen the best and worst of everything and now he’s on top of the world, it would be nice to see him win it.”

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