Playing Full Tilt Poker 300-600 PLO

I have been having a go with the big boys on Full Tilt Poker.  I am about 150k up which is not bad.  LOL, I know.  I know it’s just luck.  I am never going to claim that I am a pro player, but I can play with the best of them and I play well enough to cover the rent every month.  I love poker and can mix it up with the best even if it’s just for a few hands.  I treat poker as a hobby.  It’s not something I want to run my life.  I want poker to be a hobby and I don’t want to become a poker hobbit and just try to get lucky and crave for it and then try not to play too much. 

I want to play because I enjoy the game.  I do feel I have a lot of big results in me and hope to win something big again soon, maybe the Aussie Millions, which is a huge tournament in Melbourne Australia every year with a big buy in and it’s coming soon,  or the 100K High Roller Event there.  Thanks to Full Tilt for having so much action.  Life can be fun when you win a little money or lose, as long as you can afford it.

Thinking about the big limits a bit more on Full Tilt Poker, maybe they should just keep 300-600 PLO as the biggest game and you should only play if you are known or have made a big deposit; those are just ideas that come to me, I don’t want the game too high as it’s running away from what I can afford to play and that is not what I want in the long run.  I still want to play and like high limit but I’m not interested in losing a house or three every time I play.  The speed junkies probably don’t mind, but I do, I look for value with my poker investment.

Following up on news I briefly mentioned before, I still have my deal, there’s only one deal now that I will do and with all the legal stuff it’s so hard.  I hate it so much, just worrying about lawyers all the time.  They always try to take advantage of poor people like me who come off the streets when they say, “It’s all fine mate and it needs a light touch,” that rings more alarm bells than anything.

The Premier League of Poker is coming up in Las Vegas on the 10th of February and I have been invited so I am excited to be playing that event.  It’s my favorite poker event in the world, so much fun, and you get to play for several days, even if you bust, but I don’t plan on busting, ever, and that is what makes me dangerous in a poker game because I know if I have a chip or two, I’m a contender.

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