Playing the 2-7 low ball draw

I got to the tournament area late, after the dinner break. I had business to take care of and this was going to probably be my last event at the WSOP this year. I haven’t decided if I will be back for the Main Event or not.

I had a last longer bet with Tom Dwan. If he outlasted me, I had to go over to his table and do 5 pushups, if I outlasted him, he had to come to mine and do 15. I lost the bet. Those 5 pushups were not easy, it’s much easier to ride a bike, but I have been working out with a trainer and it won’t be long before they are much easier. Losing the bet wasn’t easy either because I wanted to play and see if I could start moving up the ladder.

For now I’m going home to Europe soon. I want to spend time with my family and keep working on good health. I may return to the Series, I may not. I will be playing the Poker Lounge Show in Cardiff in the UK on July 21st, that is the only poker plan I have right now.

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