PLO Hi/low split

“It was an absolute fish market”..

I’m updating the Omaha high low pot limit tournament. I started the day with 28000 and felt very good; it’s an absolute fish market out there. Yesterday we played in the tent, 40°and it was so cold, it was freezing, getting sick. They had the air turned on so much plus there were lots of fish and they were playing very bad. It was a lot of fun.

It wasn’t easy to get chips today. It’s a much different day, I had Devil Fish on my table, pretty tough, I played very solid, I made no mistakes. I could have played the best four hours of poker during the World Series so far. So I’m very happy with my game – unfortunately just no luck. I got rivered, rivered, rivered, for half the pot every time. I could have had a massive stack and been the chip leader but I haven’t and I’ve got a low stack…a very low stack and there are just four tables to go and I’m so close to making another final table in the World Series, I’m really focused and playing well. I really want to do it this time.

No matter what happens, I just want to play really good from now on. That’s the key for me. So play good, have fun, and be focused.- that’s my advice if you ever make it to this stage in the WSOP event.

Talk to you soon, I’ll update you at the end of this tournament.

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