Poker for Charity in Lithuania

I Played a poker tournament in Lithuania last night it was the Lithuanian Open Poker Championship main event. 30 players turned up from mainly Scandic countries to play the buy in was aprx USD $1000

Starting stack was 10,000 chips and good structure a good event and it was fun for me I was playing for a Lithuanian Charity called (bedu turgus) in English it would be (problem market) Since the first place prize money could not motivate me aprox USD $10,000 I could find motivation by playing for this charity which I really like. The great thing about this charity is that they help people out and show it all on TV so you actually see where your money goes. The show is run by a famous TV personality from Lithuania E. Mildažytė when I called her up today to tell her the good news she was shocked and very happy so I am having a great day here today. Here is a ink to see the photo of this program I see that they dont even have a website I guess I am going to have to make them one.

The very very great news is that after a long fight I was able to win this tournament and am now the Lithuanian Poker Champion and will present the charity with $10,000 I know its very little money but I feel real good about it and I know it helps this program lots.

On another note Johnny Lodden has come over from Norway with his friend Sondre & his lovely girlfriend to visit me and I Will help him to set up a blog just like this one, Now this kid is special he stared playing poker for play money then small limits and now is the biggest player online more about him in a day or so but it will be fun to hang out with this young man reminds me of me when I was 21 if you see my photo from when I was 21 in the gallery its good to be 21 and the perhaps the best online poker player in the world. Anyhow I will write here about what I think of Johnny after I spend some time with him I know that he smashes lap tops when he loses a lot and I also know that he lost more then 1 million on Prima Poke to one player in the last few days 500k of that was lost in Heathrow airport on the way back from Vegas cool stop over to change flights drop $500,000 but he has won masses and swings like this a normal when you play $200-$400 no limit heads up.

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