Poker on, and off, TV

I’m in Australia now for the Aussie Millions. I’m playing the cash games. I’m playing at T6 Poker too. I’m not the only one, T6 Poker has signed up Mel Judah and Jeff Lisandro, and the word is out that there are some really big names that will be signed up soon. I support sites that support poker players – like Full Tilt Poker and T6 Poker.

The bashing always goes on, no matter who is doing what, and where they are doing it, someone has something bad to say about it. If you can’t see the advantage to new sites coming in and more choices, then you can go bury your head in the sand while the rest of the world moves forward around your little pile of rocks.

This is fun news. I won the trophy for winning the most money on the Million Dollar Cash Game last September. Full Tilt Poker sponsored the event and it’s airing on Sky Sports 2, on this Monday, the 7th, at 22:30. Patrik Antonius and Phil Ivey played a very big pot and all the big names were there: Chris Ferguson, Erik Seidel, Allen Cunningham, Erick Lindgren, Howard Lederer and Roland de Wolfe. This is produced by Emblaze Productions.

Tune in and watch, the game is great.

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