PokerStars Baltic Festival Interview

Tony is being interviewed after busting out of the PokerStars Baltic Festival.  The 1st question asked of him was “What The Hell Happened?”   Tony explains that he had Aces and another came on the board – they both end up agreeing ‘that’s poker.’
Tony is asked about the motivation to play a 10K buy-in when he’s been at tables with over 3 million in the pot.  Tony says it’s hard but he just came to play.  He says he’s not trying to think about the money or the players.  He feels the standard, the quality is outstanding.  He says he backs a lot of Estonian players because they are very good players.

Another question posed to Tony is about Tony helping create the poker environment in Estonia and Tony’s thoughts on it.  Tony said there is regulation but the guidelines are unclear and Tony is seeking a license in Estonia to make poker available to everyone in the country.

The G is also asked why him – why Tony personally – is involved.  Tony says he is a ‘Balt’ himself and he’s not only interested in poker, he does a lot of websites, he has a lot of operations in Lithuania, he believes there is a lot of talent in the Baltic and has good friends there.  He says poker is a hobby to him as well and he makes a little bit of money out of it at the end of the day so it makes sense to keep investing.

They talk about poker and the business side vs. being a player.  Tony stresses to the young kids coming up that they should make sure their life is in order and then play poker; take poker like a sport or hobby that you want to keep improving.

Poker in Estonia is booming and exploding; Tony is then asked if he feels any of the players in Estonia have the possibility to progress, to be as famous as Tony is and play in as big of limits as Tony plays in.  Tony says it’s very possible, that there will be higher limits played, a lot of new players coming up, and hopefully it just keeps getting better for the rest.


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