Pot Limit Omaha Update

40,900 is my chip stack, which is about average. Its 5am, so it was a long day. I had 30,000 chips almost right away, as Ram Vaswani pushed me his stack, but I couldn’t get many more chips for the rest of the day.

I’m in the money for the fifth time in 12 tournaments, so I couldn’t do much better than that so far. I really want to make the final table in this event. I will be working really hard tomorrow, it’s a 4pm start. I love the game, I probably made one mistake all day, and it was an expensive one, but other than that I played really well.

Once I get some sleep, I will be ready to rip them apart tomorrow. I am getting results all the time, and its just a matter of time until I get a real result. I am beating 90% of the field 80% of the time. It’s a good sign so far. And now I have to beat the last 10% a couple times, and grab a couple bracelets. I need to get a few breaks, and play my game. I am really looking forward to tomorrow, and I am going to go for it.

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