South Africa, Safaris and Poker

I have been exploring South Africa. Right now I am in Cape Town and I am overwhelmed by how beautiful it all is. I have spent two days as a tourist and if there is any way, for any of you to make the trip, you need to see the country.
I never get to far away from poker, no matter how beautiful or intriguing the country is, and tonight I will check out a private game. I expect to have a lot of fun.

In a few days I will go on a safari in the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve. After that I will travel to Johannesburg to play the South African Open.

I have been playing a lot at T6Poker against a player called 4color. We have been playing 100-200 Euro PLO and lately we stepped up to 200-400 PLO. That is the limit that I have done the most damage to 4color in. The guy is a good player but I am playing just a little bit better and have taken his money so far. The value at T6Poker is huge. The tournaments have an amazing overlay, and yes, everyone gets paid so it’s encouraging. I am very, very happy with my deal with T6Poker.

Next week I go to London to play the Premier League with Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth. That should be something to be locked up with Hellmuth for one week. I might also nail him in some cash games.

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