Speed Poker $100,000 buy in

First hand, I pick up 2 3 of hearts on my big blind. Phil Ivey raises (he has AQ). I call. Flop comes Q 4 7 with two hearts. I check, and Phil Ivey bets out $6,000. I go all in for 100,000. Phil nearly dropped it, but at the end, he called. I made a heart on the river, and busted Phil Ivey on the very first hand. That’s the quickest bustout….he came a very long way, and I got him out. He is a great player. But, I got him out, and doubled up to 200,000 right away.

From there I couldn’t hit a hand…I played them all, but it was amazing, but I couldn’t get there. On one hand, Mike Sexton picked up Aces, I had Kings – heads up. I called him all the way down. Came a four flush on the river, and he had the nut flush with the Ace, and I had the flush with the King, I couldn’t lay it down.

Later on, I lost a big, big pot, I made a flush, and decided to slow play it. Mike Sexton had the bare Ace, and the river was another Diamond. He checked, and I checked, so I saved some money there, but that was a crippling pot as well.

I had a lot of fun. It’s a great concept, Speed Poker. I’m sure I will do very well in this. But, I played to win. I wanted to make the TV table with a lot of chips….not just qualify for it. I came very close, but that’s the way it goes.

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