Staying off the streets of London

I took down the $120K winner-take-all Poker Lounge in Cardiff at the end of July and had a great time doing it. It was a 6-seat sit and go for TV with a $20K buy-in. Jennifer Harman, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, and James Dempsey were in my heat. I ran over them and forced them to leave crying on the bike ride out. Mike Matusow and I ended up heads-up with The Mouth having a thin chip lead. It was an awesome repeat of the famous WPT Bad Boys of Poker finale. I crushed Mike then and I double crushed him again so bad that he had no tears left for the bike ride. The G is up and running in full form after taking some time away from the game.

I am in London right now enjoying life and played a pretty high stakes cash game last night in Les Ambassadeurs Casino and ended up just about even. I had a few side bets with Roland de Wolfe on odds of making a back door flush with one card gone. I am really weak at math but seemed to win from Roland on pure fact bets. It’s pretty silly as everyone knows I am a pretty major mug and should take me on with any bets and clean me out.

I am lining up for the big trip to Las Vegas this Tuesday where I will again get ready for the Big Game on Fox. I will play twice and am coming after Daniel to get some revenge. I will spend nine days in Vegas and then fly to Latvia where I play another TV event, the Baltic Poker Champs, that will be fun with all Baltic States playing. The PartyPoker World Open VI is starting, Phil Laak is the defending champion and confirmed to play but he took a bad tumble on an ATV and is in the hospital in Oregon with seven broken bones and a very bad injury to his right eye. Tough luck Phil, best wishes on your recuperation. I am also confirmed to play the World Open Vi and the World Poker Tour London that starts on the 29th of August. Busy times for me in the poker world right now but I am up for the challenge and filled with heart that the biggest donkey will win in the end. We all know donkeys can’t ride a bike!

So for now I am trying to stay out of trouble and off the London streets and pick a few winners – at least more winners than losers – in Aussie Rules Football. It’s been an amazing season this year. I just had my biggest bet of the year on Carlton vs. Essendon – go mighty blues!! How much do I bet on an Aussie Football League game? Well, it’s six numbers and I would bet more if they let me as I love to win.

One last thought – may your bike tires never go flat, may I never need to wonder if mine are.

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