T6 Poker – my new home game

How have I been? Very, very busy. I have a new poker project.

Most people think I own Tony G. Poker but I don’t. Tony G. Poker is still running but without me in the driver’s seat. It’s a great place and you can still play there even if I’m not there, play on. I play on a lot of sites, you can watch me play on Full Tilt Poker.

Let me say I DID play on a lot of online sites until now. Now I’m playing on T6 Poker exclusively. Why T6 Poker? That may be the question you have for me. There are a few reasons and they are important reasons to me. One of the main ones is T6 Poker is an independent online gaming site that completely rebuilt their software for a better playing, more stable program, no matter how many players are online. That new software launches today. Another reason is their site security is the best of the online gaming security. And more reasons, there will be a bunch of freerolls, freerolls every day for all kinds of promotions and new deals. And tournaments. And all the tables are six handed tables, that’s why it’s named T6 Poker. The focus is to get people ready to play live tournaments, by getting them trained through T6 Poker.

The table:

My id on T6 Poker is ‘T6-TonyG’ and if you sign up through this link, you get $25 free to play in tournaments, and you don’t have to deposit anything.

I will be there playing tournaments and live action along with other T6 Poker team members. My teammates are Anthony Châtelain, Mats Rahmn, Anders Henriksson, Marek Kolk, Rolf Slotboom, Ed de Haas, and Woody Deck. Look for me, find me, try to send me out looking for my bike. Chat with me if you find me at the table. I’ll do the same for you.

Happy New Year! May 2008 be the best year ever, with many more to come!

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