The Cash Game

The cash game is now in day three and I am about to play. Day one was good for me. I won 20k. Day two I started badly; Patrik Antonius took my money from me and left me feeling cheap early on. I was stuck a total of 30k so a 50k swing down was not pretty and I did not feel I was playing well.

But Patrik lost his mind and was playing really bad. We all know this is a freak day for him. He ended up losing 200k in a 100-200 (25 antes) game; this will not be pretty when it hits TV.

The Fins, Juha Helppi and Ilari, took on Patrik in a big way. Patrik is also Finish. Ilari fixed him up good and Patrik had to quit the game. I respect him for that because he was not in his greatest form but today I am sure he will come back and destroy the table again. Martin Dekniff replaced Patrik and things were not any better for Martin as he also lost lots of money to Per Hildebrand. At the end of the day Ilary, the young kid from Finland, played another great day of poker and he is up 140k in total and the leader.

I got my game together and was playing really good right at the end. I am up 30k in total and in this game I am happy with that. I am sure over the next two days there will be some big swings and I look forward to some great action. All the best Scandias are here but it’s bike time for them soon as I will not let up.

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