The Lithuanian Dream

Today’s blog is going to be a little interesting perhaps for some.

I want to share some of my past with you. I think I remember my childhood from about the age where my grandmother died. I was about 3 three years old and it was an interesting day for a small kid as she was close to me. I remember her coffin being carried by 4 men down from our fourth story apartment in Kaunas, Lithuania. I was in the Soviet Union and living in a very interesting family, I think you could say our family were speculators.
My dad would buy fur and then process it and sell it.  He was a Kolukio Pirmininkas (leader of a state run farm). We were well off and it was fun to be a kid my age, I can’t complain too much. The only thing is, this was the Soviet Union and on the first day of school, when asked what I wanted to be, I said, “You know what? I want to be a priest.” Now what I did was a big no, no.  It was not something for a kid to say that had parents who were well do to and within the working system. Maybe that triggers it all off but I will go into more detail later.

Anyway I had a bit of a winge today. Well I am sitting on a balcony, overlooking a great ocean and the view is amazing. I went kayaking today and did about 5 miles of walking in a jungle, it was incredible fun. I then had a great dinner that I call value food made with love and it was really nutritious – amazing value I would call it. Later I will share this location with you.

Anyway I was thinking about what went down just last week and this went down in Vilnius Lithuania. As most people know, I am a pretty crazy guy. I give everyone a chance in life. I love new opportunities. I love to stake people in poker games tourneys and in business ventures. Although most of it turns to shit, it’s life and I love and live for it. I am out there – I make fun of people, I get made fun of, I attack them when we play, but I love them all, even if things turn to shit.

Anyway my thought is about Simonas Pocius (lol the name is no big deal but it’s Lithuanian) here is a link:

This is one of the young kids that is up and coming in Lithuania. I bought my office from him in Vilnius and I was thinking then, “This is an OK guy.” I am sure he wants to be a minister one day and be patriotic for his country.

Anyway, it’s all cool. A bit later, a few years after I bought the office from him and his dad, he comes to me and introduces his good friend Andrius Profis (not his real full name). Anyway this guy is into sports betting and has a sea of specialists that work out prices. Being the crazy cat that I am, I eat it up and since Pocius made the recommendation, I give this guy the capital to bet with and win more. Obviously I am greedy to make money but I also always feel that it’s going to be a system of balances; the money does not really belong to me.  All I have to do is find the best way to use it once I have it. So Pocius made the connection and being a guy that wants to govern, you would think he would have at least some responsibility for his actions.  I am not saying he has to give me the money back if I get ripped off or defrauded or taken advantage of but you’ve got to say, “Tony I am sorry I let you down. I feel responsible, let’s sit down and talk this out.”

You know what this guy said, “I am not responsible in any way.”

I just hope that this is not what Lithuanian Parliament Candidates have preset in their heads.

Growing up in Australia I know how different the thinking is and I hope from the bottom of my heart that in time, us Lithuanian patriots also feel the same way and take responsibility. Anyway this might have been a con all the way.  If so kudos to those two guys.  They got me for $200,000 and I hope they live in peace. This is not the last 200k I am going to lose. It hurts but I have forgiven them and moved on. It’s sad but it’s life and I am still going to give others a chance whether they are gay, black, Arab, Chinese or whatever. I think I love them all even if they want to fuck me over every now and again.

I’ve got to talk about one little patriotic thing I feel proud of, The Lithuanian National Basketball Team.  They got the wild card to play in the World Championship in Turkey and I will be joining them. I love basketball and personally know many of the greats from all eras.  Several have been to Australia to visit me and I hope I am strong enough to help basketball in my country of birth although I am a spirit of the whole world.

I feel this time I made an impact when I arranged for one of the sponsors to cover a small part of the 500k euro Lithuania had to pay to get the invite. Did I take a risk doing it? For sure! Will it work out? Who knows?  Time will tell though. But I know the country does not have much going for it and I know that as a kid basketball for me was one thing we could do to show everyone who Lithuanians were – we are warriors and we fight to the end even though there are just 3 million of us.

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