The Moscow poker binge continues

I’m into the second week of a poker binge here in Moscow and the only problem is that I can’t lose any hands. The big game has stopped here for a while and it only got up to 500-1000 PLO for a few hours, otherwise we play 100-200. And 200-400 PLO sometimes with a 50k cap (you can lose 50k a hand. Pots still get to 250k all the time as everyone is hungry for action.

I also managed to get to Lithuania last weekend to visit the sauna which I really love. The process is you get very hot and then jump into a freezing river outside. The temperature is about -2c at the moment down there. Don’t try this if you have a weak heart, otherwise it’s amazing.

I can’t wait to get back to Australia but the games are so good it’s hard to go.

The first ever tournament outside a casino took place yesterday due to the new laws. The Russian Sport Poker Federation ran a carnival. And considering the main event was 2pm Monday, a turnout of 70 players was huge in my book. I was unlucky as I had my k-k cracked by A-K all in on a 8-10-J flop but at least that released me into the PLO cash game where I picked up 250k in about 5 hours of play, thanks for coming.

Bendigo, a bloke from Australia has done a lot for poker here and is a vice president of the Federation, although he probably is no longer needed now, he should take lots of credit for what he has done in Russia. It’s amazing how many Australians have come to Russia and run poor rooms, casinos, etc., and also played poker. Jeff Lisandro came here in the 90s and took home millions with him. At that time things were really dangerous. Now Russia is safer the most USA cities.

Anyway I am hoping to get back to Australia around the 8th, but it may be the 20th of December, to take some time off poker. Online is no go at the moment as it’s really hard to deposit money on Full Tilt so I am starting to play on my own site soon.

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