The PokerNews Cup and More

I’m in Australia right now playing the PokerNews Cup. Everyone seems to be extremely relaxed and having a great time with the tournament and yesterday we played 10k H.O.R.S.E. event just for fun. It was a pretty big money game for most of the people in the casino and there were just a few of us in the competition and you can read about it here and watch the video at the end of the blog. Three of us ended up chopping it and I got the biggest share because I had the most chips. I didn’t send the last players out looking for their bike.

I have been out in the wilds in Australia, hunting for crocks, spent some time in the rain forest, and I’ve also been whale watching off Hayman Island. I’ve had a great time with my family and a great time playing poker, and just watching the action happen around me.

I haven’t been back to Russia in a while but that doesn’t mean I won’t make another trip. I really like the action there and the players and the games but I finally figured out that I can’t win all the money in the world, I still will try at times.

The Party Poker Premier League Season 3 is starting November 22. I will be in London to play that along with Phil Hellmuth and other big names like Andy Black, of course he will be there he’s the champ from last year and that means he’s automatically invited back. It will be a week of top action.

But I have more playing time in Australia before that happens. It’s been a really great time at the Crown in Melbourne and last night we played a 50-100 pot limit Omaha game. I ended up winning. I managed to get into the pocket of Joe Hachem and Mark Voss for about 10K each. That always makes poker a lot more fun when you walk away with someone else’s money in your pocket

A bit more time in Australia, and then a trip to London for the Party Poker Premier League and then I will be on my way back to Lithuania for a short stay before I go back to London to play the Ladbroke’s millions.

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