The Search for the real Isuldur1

Everyone must know by now that I’ve spent more than a few hours of time and energy trying to introduce Isildur1 to the poker playing world where his great poker playing skills could be appreciated like the other amazing internet phenomena of today.

I arranged to stake him and let him play in my Kermit the Frog costume at the Party Poker Big Game IV and really thought he would show, but he bluffed me. I’ve also offered to stake him when he ran into a bad run on Full Tilt Poker. He is an amazing player and just a kid and has a lot of promise in his game and that’s why PokerStars picked him up. He’s a featured promotion with them and playing the SuperStar Showdown with all challengers. Today, I’m scheduled to play the SuperStar Showdown.

My bike in the Isildur1 Match

I tried to get PokerStars to move the heads-up competition to the PCA so I would know I was really playing against the real Isildur1.

So the move to the PCA did not work out but PokerStars is open to exploring a new match up with me and Isildur1 there. And now I am going to take on the best player in the world in a heads up match-up that is like Kobe Bryant vs. a college player. I am a massive underdog, probably the biggest underdog ever. I’ll be playing under conditions that don’t suit me well and I am an old man after all.

All I have going for me is heart and commitment. Let’s hope that is enough to at least put up a fight. Rail the game at 16:00 ET today, look for ‘Hold’em’ -> ‘No Limit’/’Pot Limit’ -> ‘All’ tabs and under the ‘Omaha’ tab. The tables are ‘Showdown.’

I have my bike ready.

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