The WSOP is Over

On the last hand, I went in with Aces against Q 9 of diamonds. The flop was 6 3 7 with two diamonds. There was a limper, and I didn’t raise that much – I wanted to keep him in, and play a big pot to get back into it. I got all the money in on the flop, but the diamond popped out on the river.

Pretty tough day after I got a boost early on, I was the short stack most of the day on the table. But, that’s the WSOP, you have to beat almost 10,000 players this year. So, I don’t feel too bad. I didn’t do anything too wrong.

Tomorrow, I play in the Mansion Poker Dome Challenge, which will air Sunday night at 10pm. I am not going to post the result, so it won’t spoil the surprise, but make sure you tune into FSN this Sunday night to watch me on the Poker Dome.

I still have that event to look forward to, then I will get the first plane out of here. It’s been a long trip, I had a lot of close results – I played great poker, and had some fun, and worked a lot.

I’ll keep plugging away to try to get some results. That’s the WSOP – you need a lot of luck. See you all soon.

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