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I have been back in Lithuania resting and playing a bit online. Lately I have been playing at Party Poker. I have been playing $100-$200 limit holdem. Most of the time I have been playing on private tables, but in case you want to watch me play the password for these tables is always my nick: therealTonyG

I think the games a pretty good at Party Poker. These days I do not take online poker as seriously as I once did, as the stakes are a bit small for me. Anyhow, I have been doing ok – winning about $30,000 in about 20 hours of play over the last 5 days. The swings are very big in short handed games like this and to win or lose 30k in 20 hours is just about normal. It is hard to judge how well I am playing compared to when I played online poker seriously. This is because the games are a bit softer than when I used to play with the likes of erik123. But I feel that I have improved my game a lot. It’s just a challenge for me to see if I can win $50,000 in this game. I will later post some of the hands and stats from poker tracker, if I can figure out how to do it, so that everyone can see some of the plays I make. We can start a discussion about my technique.

I hope that you can join me at the WSOP there are many free rolls that via PokerNews WSOP Team.

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