Today’s a T-6 Video blog with Croc and Jeff Lisandro

Today’s a T-6 video blog – and it’s funny – Tony has a great way of bringing out the humor of poker and the people that play the game.

Tony says he’s got a couple of legends with him today.

Tony introduces Jeff Lisandro and says Jeff grabbed him off the streets and Jeff taught him everything he knows, then he asks Jeff how the saying goes.

They both laugh as Jeff explains that he taught Tony everything Tony knows – not everything Jeff knows. *The laughter is a great part of this picture*

Tony turns to Croc and explains that Croc is a legend in Australia and has been cleaning everybody out for a long time.

Croc says it’s all pretty exciting because they had 12 T-6 Poker members play a Pot Limit Omaha event with 381 starters and after day 1 they lost more than 75 percent of the field and they still had 6 T-6 members.

Tony G., Croc, Jeff Lisandro, and Julian are still in (fellow Aussies), looking for the gold bracelet.

Tony goes on to say they all played the H.O.R.S.E – Tony says they were all obviously a little bit outclassed, just a different level of play…*Tony’s phone rings* Both Croc and Jeff disagree with Tony. Tony checks his phone again…there is laughter and joking around the phone call.

They talk about the $50K horse event and the conversation goes to the useage of “unlucky”…they are having fun with “outdrawn” and Jeff says he started with the best hand but didn’t finish.

Tony queries, “…isn’t it all about finishing, not starting?”

They have more fun as Jeff talks about guys that write books about starting hands but none of them write books about finishing hands.

They talk about high limit and Jeff says that it’s easy to be on top of the world while you’re winning.

Croc jumps into the mix and expounds about them both making a final table and he hasn’t made one yet.

They continue to banter about the tournament, starting hands, and coming in from behind and making the best hand. Tony says the Italians and Greeks are all coming in from behind – and Tony G.’s a straight shooter.

They end the blog with more banter and laughter.

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