Tony G. and the Aussies

Tony welcomes you to his blog, introducing a couple of others that he grabbed off the streets. Apparently they are dealers at the Crown Casino. They deal mostly poker at the Crown and Tony asks them if they just quit their job and come to the World Series.

Yes, they are in Vegas for a couple of months.

Tony turns the conversation to Macau and asks if they will be heading there. The first response is no and the other response is that the word is the action is pretty soft in Macau.

Tony asks Michael Gazzardi if he’s the big sicko on T6 Poker. The response is, “Yeah…I’ve been playing on T6 Poker since it started…”

They talk about cashing out from T6 Poker – in the neighborhood of 30 to 40K – and the fact that he picked up $60K for the WSOP buy-ins. Michael “…can’t wait to ******* play one of these events and drill them!” Tony tells him ‘no swear words’ but Tony and the guys are laughing and enjoying the gusto of winning playing poker.

Tony says it’s not easy to play them [the events] because of liquidity problems and how that has all been resolved and everything’s looking good now. Everything is all sorted out now and T6 Poker has come through.

They laugh about how sick you have to be to win the rack(?) race. There is more joking and fun about the race, no sleep, and how one player started off in front but Michael caught him and passed him. Tony says the guy must have been so depressed, he wasn’t even coming. But Michael says he is coming and they’ve actually become friends.

The missing guy is Sheba and they call to him to come, Tony tells Sheba there’s 40 grand ticking away.

Tony turns to James Burgoine, he got 20K, and Tony teases James about not having much ability because he busted early today. Tony tells him “…we need all the donkeys in there…”

They continue to joke about the guy that got 40 and didn’t show up. Then Tony says, “Alright, bike time,” and James leaves as Tony turns the conversation to Michael and the fun continues with Sicilian heritage and the “Jeff Lisandro pedigree.”

They talk about the limit holdem tournament and they are still laughing about the donkeys they know out there. Tony sends Michael out to his bike.

Tony continues the blog with his own tournament progress, he busted up in the PLO, it’s very depressing, he played a very long time and got Aces back to back and lost both very big pots. “I was biking…I can’t afford a bike so I have to walk back to the Bellagio…”

Today Tony’s playing a new event and he’s missing the first two hours – he’s playing $2,500 buy-in six-handed event. He says he’s going to have fun and push his stack, he may be out pretty quickly but if not, he’ll get a big stack and get fat and bully everyone.

“Take care, play well, and enjoy poker! Bye.”

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