Tony G at Bellagio 29th super satelite

I got in to Las Vegas on the 28th spent the day sleeping getting ready. Talk around town is that there will be a huge amount of entries to the first event on the 30th of Novemebr $2000 buy inn no limit holdem event.

I think that 700 players is possible.

During the $800 buy inn super satelite to day I was out 10th first 2 get a seat in the main WP 15k buy inn event. I had A10 and raised under the gun 5 handed got called in middle position by 88 flop was 10J4 all harts I decided to check to see if my opponent had a hart since i did not Kirill Gerasimov later told me that I made a mistake here?

Anyhow he checked back and on hte turn the 8 came up and then I checked again he bet a little and I called on the river came the 10 giving me 3″10s vs his 8″s full I bet and he went all inn I new I ma beat 90% but had to call since I was pot commited.

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