Tony G Celebrity Bounty Event

Lynn Gilmartin talks with Tony. Tony says he’s feeling good. He caught the last bus to the crown and he’s happy to be there and it’s exciting. He says having an event named after him is OK, he’s just been lucky in much bigger tournaments and that a tournament could be named after anyone but he got lucky. He used to be on the street running around but now a tournament is named after him and it could be named after anyone. He says he’s happy he can participate and have a bit of fun with things he does.

He is asked about when he’s a bounty and how it feels. He talks about the bounty every Sunday on Tony G Poker where people just push in in the bounty tournament. Here, he says he just wants to have fun with people, have a few drinks, and enjoy!

Tony says he just came from London and he decided not to play the WSOPE main event and he sacrificed to play the PokerNews Cup and the Tony G Bounty. He said Crown called him and said they wouldn’t like him anymore if he didn’t come and play the bounty event. It is his event but he’s missed his own event before and he doesn’t have to be anywhere in the world but he wanted to be here. He says he never seems to do well any time he comes to Melbourne, he has family to see and spends time with them.

He loves Melbourne, it’s the best city in the world.

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