Tony G. in full entertainment mode


Tony G. with a girl off the streets…he was just crawling by…

*She takes the microphone from him*

She says Tony G. is wasted right now and she intros herself…she’s Amanda. She asks Tony what’s going on in his tournament.

Tony says he doesn’t want to play the first two levels anymore because it’s such a bore.

Amanda tells Tony he should come in late. Tony asks who designed the game. “Seven card stud hi/lo?”

Tony says the game is designed to rob people, find innocent people who aren’t too bright, put them in with the sharks and rob them.

Amanda asks Tony if he’s a shark or the innocent guy.

Tony says he’s the innocent guy off the street who doesn’t have the five grand but he’s buying into the event. He says the game sucks and asks Amanda if she can believe that game.

Amanda asks Tony why he wants to play it then.

Tony expounds, “How boring is it?” and then goes on to ask what else is he going to do here in Las Vegas.

Amanda tells Tony he could have played the $1,500 NL and Tony says he’s not playing any no limits.

When Amanda asks Tony why not, he says he can’t play at 12…he can’t wake up at 12.

Amanda agrees that she can barely get there.

They talk about the game of 7 card stud with Tony querying who created the game…a girl or a man?

Amanda says she’s sure it was a man because, “Men are stupid!”

And Tony talks about the different stud games and how they are making it more complex by making it hi/lo.

Tony hasn’t bought into the game yet, he was across the road having a steak, he says they brought him a glass of wine with his meal, “I might have had a glass of wine,” after Amanda states that Tony’s been drinking.

Tony says it’s fun to drink if he’s got to play the 7 card stud.

Amanda and Tony banter back and forth about the game, buy-in, and Tony playing a game he hates.

Tony asks, “Yes, but what else am I going to do? It’s night!”

The banter goes on, Tony asks Amanda if he should just ‘get blinded out?’

Tony says he’s going to go play a few hands and if it feels OK, he’ll play on, but he’s not taking it to seriously.

Tony puts the closer on the conversation by asking Amanda if she rides a bike or a trike.

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