Tony G. talks game

Tony’s in Australia for the PokerNews Cup. In a video blog interview, hosted John Caldwell of PokerNews, John asks Tony about some of the fine points of playing high limit poker. High limit? This is over the top. Most of the conversation is focused on Tony’s recent play in Russia where he won a pot with over $3M in it.

Tony also introduces a few of his Japanese friends, they have come to Australia to play poker with him too. And he’s going back to Russia, but for now he has to allow himself time to rest and recuperate since the game in Russia gives him no time to direct towards a healthier lifestyle. When he’s in Russia, all he does is sleep and play poker.

Obviously, while he’s resting and getting in shape to go back to Russia, he’s playing poker. He leaves us with a glimpse of poker in a world that most of us will never play in or even be able to get to to watch and he admits that luck is a big factor in the game as he leaves to play the $50K sit-n-go at the PokerNews Cup.

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